Imagine finding out that all the scientific and technological advances made were to be worthless in the future. That is exactly what the Time Traveller discovers when he travels to the future in “The Time Machine”, an intriguing science fiction novella by H.G. Wells. This novella shows how humans have no actual impact on life or the fate of the Earth. It is made clear how technology will be the downfall of mankind as technology will make us become weak and lazy, eventually wiping humans from Earth as they won’t be able to survive against the forces of nature without any physical strength. The Time Traveller discovers that the social divide is still prominent between the working class and the upper class, the two classes are represented by the Morlocks and the Eloi. The Morlocks are large, hairy creatures which live underground and are isolated from the Eloi which live above on land. The Eloi are small, weak creatures that are targeted by the Morlocks as they cannot defend themselves. This novella deals with the theme of time as it shows how as the Time Traveller goes further into the future humans start to devolve into weak, feeble creatures as opposed to evolving into strong, intelligent creatures which many of us would expect to happen.